Norm Faulkner

Norm Faulkner was an incredible person. Norm was a local pharmacist and businessman who first brought ostomy supplies to Saskatoon so ostomates wouldn’t have to rely on mail orders supplies. Norm worked in partnership with our early E.T.’s, when appliances were far less “civilized”, to improve the day to day life of ostomates. So accute was Norm’s relationship with his customers he would notice changes in their purchase habits and alert E.T.’s to signs of problems. His sensitivity extended to the financial welfare of his customers as well. He was an incredibly kind and compassionate man, with whom even the shyest of new ostomates making that first purchase could feel comfortable. He was a founding member and later a life member of the Saskatoon Ostomy Association, even though he was not an ostomate himself.

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(Left to Right – Mrs. McDonald, Elsa Cechanowicz, Katja Dietz, Erica Unruh and Norm Faulkner – Click on photo to see larger size)


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